Inzant - Referral Program


At Inzant we know lowering overheads helps businesses grow faster with a larger profit margin. In order to help lower your overheads Inzant has developed a simple cost saving referral program.

Submitting a referral

Using the referral form below refer a business who uses sales representatives to us, filling out as much information as possible. Referrals are often more successful if the business you are referring has heard about us from you prior to your referral.​

Reap the rewards

When the company signs up with Inzant we discount their user count from your monthly invoice for two months or if the potential user count is higher than yours you get two months FREE

Earn a no cost Inzant system

Refer 6 companies with equal or greater users to your own within 12 months to receive your Inzant system for FREE for a whole year.