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The perfect Mobile Ordering & B2B e-Commerce system for wholesalers & distributors

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A comprehensive, integration ready front end sales solution for B2B businesses.

Inzant Sales is a comprehensive SaaS sales solution designed to help you totally eliminate manual processes from your sales & operations workflows.

Encompassing the automation of field sales, merchandising, online ordering and tradeshow sales with intuitive & smart order methods Inzant increases your sales. Extending Inzant to integrate into your core business systems automates your workflows, saving you time & money.

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Stanton & Treby Sales Enjoys Success With Inzant

Stanton & Treby Sales is a small family-owned business operating in the pharmaceutical sales brokerage field. Read about this business's beneficial partnership with Inzant and how the relationship has helped them succeed.

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5 Ways Digital Order Software Will Change Your Business Forever

Many B2B suppliers and field sales reps are caught in a vicious manual order entry cycle that costs everybody in the supply chain; this leads to loss of revenue, spending that could have been avoided and a reduction in productivity. Inzant lists just five of the ways digital order software will positively change your business forever.

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Inzant Sales Feature Release Oct ‘18

Inzant is proud to announce in this feature release the product variation selling on the app is now much more intuitive, and with the release of the Inzant Hub API you can now get started with any bespoke integrations with Inzant you’d like to build.

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