Your entire sales process organised into one easy to use app.

Here is how Inzant Sales works for you.

A tool to generate more sales, stay organised and save time.

Designed for wholesale professionals, Inzant is a tool that will help you automate your entire sales process.

Our easy to use iPad App empowers your reps to manage the entire sales process in one place. The platform facilities CRM management, mobile sales presentations, order fulfilment and more. Importantly, every order your rep makes integrates with your accounting software, saving hours of tedious paperwork along the way.

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The key differences between Salesforce Automation software & CRM

With wholesale businesses starting to embrace the importance of salesforce automation software (SFA), it’s important that SFA software doesn’t get confused with CRM. Now hold on. We know this already sounds tricky, so in this article, we clarify the key differences between these two technologies and the purpose they serve in your business.

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New Inzant Sales App Release

The future of Inzant Sales is here! The latest and greatest Inzant Sales app is now live on the app store and ready for you to sink your teeth into.

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App Case Study with 3P

We recently spoke with Mike Haluska from 3P, who’s the national sales manager at the Australian owned importer, exporter and manufacturer. We discussed how our app has worked for his sales team and the productivity it’s generated within the organisation.

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