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A tool to generate more sales, stay organised and save time.

Designed for wholesale professionals, Inzant is a tool that will help you automate your entire sales process.

The easy to use iPad App will give your sales team their time back so they can focus on making more money. From visual product presentations to effective CRM management, right through to online ordering and merchandising. The platform has allowed our users to increase their sales exponentially and save hours of their time - seeing our clients achieve these results is what keeps us ticking.

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Seamless integration between MYOB AccountRight and online sales

Does your wholesale business use MYOB AccountRight? This is a must-read article if so. With wholesalers forced to rapidly facilitate online sales, we thought it would be helpful to highlight how our clients that use MYOB AccountRight have successfully kept their business going. Hopefully, we can help a few businesses out here!

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Why online ordering for sales reps in the Pharmaceutical Industry is vital.

With the unfortunate outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) putting our pharmacies under immense pressure, it’s important that your reps reach out to all your clients periodically. However, with so many pharmacies requiring urgent orders, reps across Australia are finding it tough to reach everyone in person. The need for our pharmacies to be well-stocked has never been more important. In this article, we detail how the best reps are using online ordering to handle the sudden increase in

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Case Study - Chempharm

Recently we sat down with Chempharm’s CEO Farren Ostilly to discuss how Inzant has become the backbone of his business. In the following case study, we discuss why Farren integrated Inzant into his business in the first place and the improvements he has seen as a result.

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