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Inzant Sales Plus

Inzant Sales has developed a cutting edge Mobile Ordering App so versatile it covers any industry. Enjoy all the benefits of paperless ordering, eliminate double data entry and give your customers an exceptional buying experience.

Sales teams will love Inzant Sales Plus’ easy to use system with multiple order modes and an intuitive design that anyone can master.


Web Ordering

Inzant gives your clients a web ordering experience that will draw them back time and again.

Take your web sales beyond the ordinary with interactive online store, composing the ability for both public and wholesale ordering, secure payment gateways, ERP integration and multiple order methods available.


Business Intelligence Reporting

Easy intelligence reporting allows Management to Focus on Sales Improvements not just day to day processes.

Inzant Provides over 1400 System Reports as Standard as well as access to Microsoft BI Reporting allowing for easy custom reports, resulting in Improved Staff accountability and transparency.


Tradeshow Sales Easy

Order quickly and easily for your customers by scanning products barcodes with your devices inbuilt camera.

Trade shows are always insanely busy and are the some of the most stressful times of year for business owners. To eliminate this stress you need the best Ordering App for trade shows.


Fulfillment Management

With Inzant, fulfilling orders is easy, accurate and as fast. Revel in the ability to send Purchase Orders simultaneously to separate suppliers and warehouses, speeding up your sales process from order, picking, packing and delivery.


Comprehensive CRM functionality

Improve all aspects of customer interactions with the speacialised range of functional CRM features; including surveys and presentations.

Inzant provides immediate access to all customer information and Order history allowing you to fully engage your customers with fast and easy ordering.


Accounts / ERP Integration

Improve data accuracy with less rework, less delays with Inzant's sophisticated eCommerce Hub that can be integrated into your existing business systems, providing a seamless transfer of Customers, Products and Orders.

Inzant has a variety of “out of the box” integration solutions available as well as the ability to provide bespoke integration solutions for businesses with complex requirements.


Merchandising Features

Simplify merchandising tasks and collect all vital information with easy and interactive surveys, tasks, promotions and image capturing.

At Inzant we know Merchandisers have different needs to sales reps and we have deigned features specially for them, keeping all customer and product information, planograms and specials all in easy to use mobile App.

Inzant Activates Your Sales

The Inzant system reduces the workload for the entire supply chain by providing automation for all members, from field teams & admin staff through to managers and business owners. Introducing integration to your business can remove all rekeying of sales, products or customer information and promote the accurate and immediate transfer of data. Inzant already supports integration with a range of Accounts & ERP packages, admin systems & even between Inzant systems which will:

  • Reduce Individual Workloads
  • Reduce Rekeying and Data Duplication
  • Increase the Accuracy and Timeliness of Information in Your Systems

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After using the app last week for our annual trade show we got some great feedback from suppliers as to the ease of use. From our point of view the backend system did everything we needed, from setting up deals and specials to great reporting. Integrating into our backend for processing orders was seamless and a great time saves. Highly recommend Inzant Tradeshow and will be using it again for our next event.Brad Mays, Admin / IT Manager, Accredited Distributors

Inzant have been very easy to work with from the outset and remain very ‘customer focused’ even 12 months into the relationship. I have found their flexibility in working hard to provide customisations or small improvements to the system, highly valuable. Many of these customisations and nuancing of the product were in fact developed before we were even signed up as a customer – which gave me great confidence to invest, knowing that they were continually investing in their product.Chris Peterson, National Sales & Marketing Manager, VGM International Pty Ltd

The implementation of Inzant sales was super fast. It took one week to get admin staff to customise, configure and rollout the application. Most salespeople were processing sales within a few hours. The training provided by Inzant sales staff was excellent and all issues were rectified almost immediately. Inzant sales has already made us more productive by reducing paper shuffling and providing instantaneous information from the field. Michael Griffiths, Managing Director, Lightning Brokers Pty Ltd

Phytologic have been using Inzantsales for just over four years. Inzantsales are a breeze to work with, by working closely with our company they have tailored the sales platform to suit our specific requirements. Through Inzantsales we now have a complete sales platform utilised by our sales team nationally along with a retailer specific website allowing retailers to place orders directly into our system. Our sales teams ease of use with the software has been incredibly good with Inzantsales support always at the ready to assist with any issues that may arise. I looked at length into other sales programmes available however decided to run with Inzantsales, one contributing factor to this was only having to deal with one company; not one company to sell me the programme, another company for the installation and another company for ongoing maintenance and accounts. Inzantsales offers a one stop solution. Based on my experience, I would highly recommend Inzantsales. Steve Murray, National Sales Manager, Phytologic

The Inzant Sales System has transformed our marketing and selling programme, simplifying it to such an extent that it is a pleasure for our Sales Staff to show and sell our products to much greater advantage than in the past. Most importantly, the Customers find it a pleasure to view and order from the system. Even the office staff enjoy receiving and processing the orders. Adopting the Inzant Sales System for our business has been a win-win situation for everyone concerned. We commend the system to you. Gail Mooney, Director, Syben Marketing Pty Ltd