About Inzant

Empowering Our Users

Inzant is commited to "empowering the user", by this we mean developing products that are intuitive, feature rich and above all easy to use. Since its inception nearly a decade ago Inzant Sales has been constantly tweaked and extended to become the feature rich and widely accepted sales platform it is today. This has always been done in close consultation with our clients to ensure that any new feature not only looks great and is user friendly, but is highly functional and beneficial to our users.

Inzant's Founder & Managing Director


Inzant founder Neville Kripp combines his passion for quality products and services with over 30 years’ experience in business and software design. Neville has a focus on iOS development and overall project management and has led Inzant through a rapid period of growth and innovation.

Since the sale of his previous industrial controls software business in 2009, Neville has been single minded about providing enterprise level sales solutions software to companies of all sizes. This methodology has helped afford SME’s the benefits that go along with enterprise level software.

Since going bald I've had to really throw myself into my work to stop from looking in the mirror and tearing up. I really did have some luscious locks, its a pity you know.... So anyway as a result we built this pretty sweet sales system.

Inzants Managing Director and Founder

Inzant's Integration Philosophy

Inzant’s competitive advantage lies with the ability to integrate between Inzant systems, third party systems and be a hub to transfer data. This has been working successfully for 7 years across multiple industries (Pharmacy, Giftware & FMCG) and has proven to be robust and incredibly reliable. This ecosystem affords small to huge businesses alike the opportunity to benefit from completely automated sales workflows which both saves time and improves the accuracy of data entry.


Inzant is always expanding the scope of just how integrated our customers can become, and this isnt just limited to order information. The automated transfer of product, customer, image and catalogue information between systems can save immense amounts of time as well as vastly improve the effectiveness of the sales team.

Inzant Frequently Asked Questions

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