Inzant - Customer Relationship Management


Inzant has CRM features designed for the entire team, from the field staff to management, Inzant is feature rich and easy to navigate allowing easy access to all the information in one system. Gone are the days of using multiple applications to store customer data and manage interactions.

Inzant provides a repository for all customer information including previous interactions, orders and associated history however with the addition of Inzant’s powerful management tools including call cycle planning, promotions, surveys and targeted campaigns you have the ability to manage your sales teams focus and achieve your ultimate goals.

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Inzants CRM Features

Field Team Management

  • Call Cycle Planning
  • Geolocational Route Tracking
  • Current Customer Status Reports
  • Target Events Using Tasks, Surveys and Promos 

Key Customer Information

  • Exportable Email Lists for Targeted Marketing
  • Manage Inzant Web Ordering Access
  • Customer History Instantly Available
  • Comprehensive Journaling and Interaction Reporting

Secure Your Critical Information

  • Control Access to Information
  • Remotely Romove Information from Mobile Devices
  • Automated "Point In Time" Backups
  • All Information Secured with SSL Certificates

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