Inzant - ScanPack Warehouse Picking App


The Inzant ScanPack Warehouse Picking App an exciting Edition to the Inzant E-Commerce Suite. Seamlessly managing and combining the ordering process through to delivery.

Inzant is dedicated to developing software that benifits business from end to end, from management to office staff and sales representatives. With an Inzant system Orders are processed instantaneously eliminating double data entry.

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Inzant Scan Pack Application

Streamline Pick and Packing

  • Orders to be packed instantly appear on iPad
  • Scan Products as They Are Picked
  • Record Cartons for Shipping
  • Approve Orders for Invoicing

Seamless Integration

  • Create Invoices with Actual Shipped Quanities
  • Integrates with Shipping Providers for Best Rates
  • Speeds the Process From Order to Delivery
  • Eliminates Shipping Errors

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