The perfect Mobile Ordering & B2B e-Commerce system for Fashion & Accessories

Make sure you are selling with style using Inzant Sales

The Fashion Apparel & Accessories industry has a huge focus on season based selling, with flexible ordering options for post season, current season and pre seasion ranges critical for both the rep & the customer.

  • Mobile field sales ordering ensures rapid & accurate order placement
  • Easy to master order modes, allowing both quick replenishment & visual up-selling
  • Easily take multiple forward dated orders with a customer in a single interaction
  • Advanced pricing & discounting module handles complex pricing scenarios
  • Easily swap between the rich visual sales modes, with catalogues, images & videos
  • Configure your Sales Campaigns to allow selling different seasons side by side
  • Smart Order Modes & Filters, like "top selling items not stocked by this customer"
  • Easy online web ordering for both B2B & B2C customers - never miss a sale
Mobile Sales & B2B Ordering - Fashion Industry Wholesale - Inzant Helps sell your products beautifully

Show your products beautifully

Control your branding & product showcase with Inzant Sales.

  • Flexible Image based order mode enables reps to bring up a custom presentation for any category, filter or range of items on the fly.
  • Structured catalogue / Lookbook selling enables your reps to step through preconfigured PDF catalogues, selling exactly the way you intended.
  • Customise the app to match your company logo and branded
  • Store & provide your reps with plenty of product media collateral, including multiple images, PDFs and a Video per product.

Multiple season selling made easy

Impress your customers by presenting & selling your previous, current & upcoming ranges all at once.

  • Take all your current season & pre season orders in a single interaction.
  • Easily manage forward dated orders via either the app or the admin site.
  • Manage & exceed customer expectations with simple, clean order workflows & information displays.
  • Two way syncing for Orders/Invoices enables reps to use the customers complete order history during the ordering process.
Mobile Sales & B2B Ordering - Fashion Industry Wholesale - Inzant Handles Multiple Order Dates
Mobile Sales & B2B Ordering - Fashion Industry Wholesale - Inzant sell the way your customers order

Powerful selling made simple

Never miss a sale due to your ordering process being cluttered or confusing to the buyer.

  • Quickly order pre-configured group buys / pre packs in a campaign with a single tap.
  • Grouped variant product selling keeps ordering ranges of similar items simple.
  • Help your customers make informed purchasing decisions with their ordering history integrated into the selling modes.
  • Easily send your customers order quotes or Lookbooks via email without interrupting the ordering process.
  • Present your products & ordering options consistently across your website & mobile app.

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Simplify your sales process

Inzant's mobile sales app allows the sales team to spend more quality time with the customers, and fit more sales calls in.

Easy customer self service

24/7 Self service customer ordering with a B2B online option, ranging from simple portals to fully branded corporate websites.

Make informed decisions

Stay ahead of the curve with powerful, business intelligence reporting. Build your own reports on the fly & analyse trends.