Attache + Inzant Sales = Ready for Growth!

The perfect Mobile Ordering & B2B e-Commerce system for Attache users

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Inzant's makes use of Attache's ODBC & KFI integration options to enable flexible and customisable integration between the two systems. With comprehensive integration like this you'll receive all the associated benefits like no longer needing to manually re-key product, customer or order information into your sales system - which will save time & money, as well as eliminate keying errors.

  • Instant order transfer into Attache from sales rep & website orders.
  • Automated, scheduled data syncs between Inzant and Attache.
  • Flexible File transfers allow for a totally customised solution on a budget.
  • Leverage Attache's integration options to facilitate automation.
  • Flexible data mappings provide ample system customisation.
Inzant Sales and Attache integration

What information gets synced?


Products are synced into Inzant from Attache, including inventory.


Customers & Contacts are synced into Inzant from Attache.


Sales Orders are transferred immediately into Attache by Inzant.

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Integration is our bread & butter, with our expertise in both simple & complex integration projects you'll be up and running on Inzant in no time! Get in touch to discuss and we'll ensure nothing is overlooked - we want to make sure your system will scale with you as you grow.

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