Dear Inventory + Inzant Sales = Heaven in the cloud!

The perfect Mobile Ordering & B2B e-Commerce system for Dear Inventory users

Streamline your sales - end to end.

Inzant offers seamless integration with Dear, greatly extending the sales reach for your business. Inzant to Dear integration ensures your reps always have everything they need at their fingertips to sign up a new customer, upsell promotional items or to simply close the deal.

  • Instant order placement in Dear from sales rep & website orders.
  • Automated, scheduled data syncs that can also be ran "on demand".
  • Tight API based integration ensures a smooth, no dramas rollout.
  • Bi-directional data syncs keep field reps devices 100% up-to-date.
  • Flexible data mappings provide ample system customisation.
Inzant Sales and Dear Inventory integration

What information gets synced?


Products are synced into Inzant from Dear, including inventory.


Customers & Contacts are synced both ways between Inzant & Dear.


Quotes, Sales Orders or Invoices are synced into Dear by Inzant.


Records of all sales made in Dear can be synced back into Inzant.

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