Jcurve + Inzant Sales = Enterprise Functionality for SMB's.

The perfect Mobile Ordering & B2B e-Commerce system for JCurve ERP users

Leverage your Solution to Maximise Growth

JCurve is built on the NetSuite platform and Inzant makes full use of the already available API to provide a robust, integrated solution with JCurve. This integrated solution has been designed from the ground up with flexibility in mind and encompasses everything from what kind of data syncs into Inzant to how often it syncs into Inzant. The level of customisation the JCurve platform offers can mean that integration with other systems can be daunting, however Inzant makes this a straightforward process.

  • Instant order placement in JCurve from sales rep & website orders.
  • Automated, scheduled data syncs that can also be ran "on demand".
  • Tight API based integration ensures a smooth, no dramas rollout.
  • Total cloud based solution ensures easy online access & limited maintenance.
  • Flexible data mappings provide ample system customisation.
Inzant Sales and JCurve integration

What information gets synced?


Products are synced into Inzant from JCurve, including inventory.


Customers & Contacts are synced into Inzant from JCurve.


Orders are immediately synced into JCurve from Inzant.

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Integration is our bread & butter, with our expertise in both simple & complex integration projects you'll be up and running on Inzant in no time! Get in touch to discuss and we'll ensure nothing is overlooked - we want to make sure your system will scale with you as you grow.

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