Reckon & Inzant Sales - Transform your Sales Operations

The perfect Mobile Ordering & B2B e-Commerce system for Reckon Accounts users

Reliable & Robust Integration

Inzant integrates with the on-premise version of Reckon via the API and supports on-demand syncing of data between the two systems. This syncing of data completely eliminates the need to manually re-key product, customer or order information into your sales system - which will save time & money, as well as eliminate keying errors.

  • On Demand syncs between Inzant & Reckon, as often as required.
  • Easy to install & maintain integration software is a breeze to manage.
  • Tight API based integration ensures a smooth, no dramas rollout.
  • Supports individual, grouped & custom formats for sales order discounts.
  • Flexible data mappings provide ample system customisation.
Inzant Sales and Reckon integration

What information gets synced?


Products are synced into Inzant from Reckon, including inventory.


Customers & Contacts are synced into Inzant from Reckon.


Orders are synced on demand into Reckon from Inzant.

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Integration is our bread & butter, with our expertise in both simple & complex integration projects you'll be up and running on Inzant in no time! Get in touch to discuss and we'll ensure nothing is overlooked - we want to make sure your system will scale with you as you grow.

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