Inzant - Merchandising Functionality


Wish easy to set up Tasks, Campaigns and Interactions Inzant has a range of features perfect for specialist merchandisers. Store PDF planograms and complete customer surveys all through one easy to use App

Inzant is dedicated to developing software that benifits business from end to end, from management to office staff and sales representatives. With an Inzant system Orders are processed instantaneously eliminating double data entry.

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Inzant Merchandising

All Information in A Single App

  • Central management of Tasks and Promotions
  • Tasks Auto Filtered to Store Chain and Grade
  • Easy Planogram set up with Auto Filtering for Field teams
  • Central Call Cycle Set Up

Perfect for Managers

  • Suggested orders Emailed or EDI to Stock Control
  • Out of Stocks easily Flagged
  • Time Date Stamp Check In
  • Approved Product Lists and Core Ranging Lists

Inzant Merchandising

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