Inzant - Reinventing Mobile Sales


Inzant Sales Plus is a revolutionary sales App that gives more control over your business and revenue. Sales reps will love our easy to use system with 4 separate order modes, full access to order history and intuitive design. Boost your revenue with a sales system designed to help your reps up-sell and promote new products.

Inzant is dedicated to developing software that benefits business from end to end, from management to office staff and sales representatives. With an Inzant system Orders are processed instantaneously eliminating double data entry.

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Inzants Mobile Sales Application

Save Time And See More Customers

  • Enter Pre-Packs with the Touch of a Button
  • Complete Order History
  • Zero Paperwork for Reps
  • Orders submitted at the End of Sales Calls

Perfect for Managers

  • Advanced BI Reporting
  • Easy to configure pre-packs and parcel buys
  • Central management of Products, Orders, Retailers and Territories 
  • Approved Product Lists

Easy To Use And Maintain

  • Can be used offline with no WiFi or 4G
  • Allows for 5 Images, 2 PDFs and a video link for each Product
  • Call Cycle Planning
  • Advanced Pricing
  • Task and Survey Fuctionality

Multiple Order Modes

  • Barcode Scanning
  • PDF Catalogues 
  • Dynamic Image Presentations
  • BI Top 50 Products and not stocked Products 
  • Stock Replensishment Ordering

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