Save time & Money using Inzant's integrated solutions

The perfect Mobile Ordering & B2B e-Commerce system for operations & support teams

Save Time & Eliminate Errors

Improve customer satisfaction by improving turnaround times & reducing errors.

  • Instantly receive orders from mobile reps or online electronically
  • Save time & improve accuracy by writing orders direct into your ERP
  • Present your products in their best light by controlling your product info
  • Enforce range ordering with Approved product lists or Core ranges
  • Manage your operational workload using sales rep Call Cycle planning
Operations Team Benefits
ScanPack Order Pick and Pack

Automate your Pick n' Pack

Use Inzant ScanPack to help automate your picking & packing of orders

  • Easily extend Inzant Sales to handle your warehouse picking & packing needs
  • Modernise your processes with work-flows for orders, both pre & post packing
  • Improve order turnaround time with Inzant devices instantly driving work-flows
  • Escape the horrors of unfulfilled orders, have Inzant remove rekeying of orders
  • Integrates with shipping providers, automatically calculate the best shipping rates

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Simplify your sales process

Inzant's mobile sales app allows the sales team to spend more quality time with the customers, and fit more sales calls in.

Easy customer self service

24/7 Self service customer ordering with a B2B online option, ranging from simple portals to fully branded corporate websites.

Make informed decisions

Stay ahead of the curve with powerful, business intelligence reporting. Build your own reports on the fly & analyse trends.