Inzant - Tradeshow Sales


Inzant Tradeshow is an intuitive, easy to use system you could give to anyone to start taking orders straight away.

Inzant can automatically pass sales orders into your accounts package, and update the customers and products from your accounts package. The benefits of integration are straightforward and many. It saves significant time, as no orders will have to be keyed into the accounts system (or “double handled”) and the sales person or end user will always have up-to-date product and customer information with no effort required. Improving Accuracy and transparency for all system users.

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Inzants Mobile Sales Application

Designed for Quick Sales and Contact Collection

  • Barcode scanning contact collection
  • Current customer lists avaliable 
  • Order with barcode scanner or through product filters
  • No training required

Faster Turn Around Time From Order to Shipping

  • Works Offline with no 4G or WiFi
  • Submit all orders wit the touch of a button 
  • Email orders to buyers from the stand
  • All orders can be in your accounts / ERP system before the tradeshow is over

Packed Full Of Features

  • Multiple Price Lists Available
  • Supports Break Point Pricing
  • Easily Add Bonus items to Orders
  • Advanced Power BI Reporting

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